Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

Back to HCMC again! This time with four more people to share the experience (and expenses). Hahaha!

Before heading to HCMC, we had a day tour at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We took Mekong Express Limousine Bus to HCMC the day after.


We booked a room at T & T Hostel via booking.com. We reserved a dorm type room for five people in the Backpackers’ Area in Pham Ngu Lao Street. It was the best decision we made since the area is close by the main road and near tourist sites and intersections and food stalls! read more

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Reminder for you

Remind yourself to breathe, to savor each moment, to be in the now.

Most of the time you will be caught in a rush, from the moment you wake up until going to bed. You’ll be winging it and you’ll try to get by each day thinking fast is the way to go. You have to move fast so you can do more. Just like what everybody else is doing.

I say you take a deep breath and take a moment to just be. It works wonders.

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Dear Self

Please be responsible again.

Don’t be lazy. Get up when the alarm goes off. Create even when you don’t feel like it.

Move: that is the only way for dreams to come true. Create more goals to motivate yourself, don’t ever think that you have it all.

Remember how your parents raised you. Never forget the values they taught and pass it on.

Live for something larger than yourself.



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Happy Eighth!

Thought I’d share here what happened recently that will change my life forever. LOL.

We are officially engaged!

Karl asked me to marry him last night!

I was really surprised! We discussed we won’t have the usual engagement tradition since we’ve already started planning for our future even without the engagement. Hahaha! We’d often tell ourselves, kailangan pa ba? (is there a need to?)

Not that we don’t want it, who wouldn’t right? It’s just that we thought it was more practical to spend on things we’ll use in the future than on  symbols. read more

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Write Now

I haven’t been journaling for the longest time, it might be the reason why I can’t remember most of the days anymore. It has been my habit to write even the mundane things I did, it’s my way of preserving the days so that when I can’t remember, I just go back to my journal to read my daily entries. I would not be able to do that for May 16 through August 1. I haven’t written anything, not even bullets.

I need to write, now.

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