I didn’t like opening doors before. It made me scared because I don’t know what to expect. When I was outside, I was so scared there might be monstrous creatures inside an unfamiliar door. When inside, I didn’t want to go out – thinking there might be bad people lurking and ready to kill and do inhumane things. I didn’t want to see the ugly. I only wanted to be comfortable and safe.

That was when I was younger.

As I grew older, I’ve seen the beauty of opening doors.

Literally and figuratively.

It started when I saw intricately designed doors in libraries and museums I visited in high school. I was fascinated by them. I loved the feel of opening them and seeing new things behind them. I loved how each door tells something about the place they guard, the stories behind them, the people who made them, and those who walked in.

I am braver in opening new doors now. They lead me to different opportunities, places, and I meet new people.

Sure, there are not-so-beautiful creatures in doors I have opened, but I relish the stories and memories that came with opening one door at a time.

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