Love My Mom

This was taken last month pa. Ngayon ko lang nai-post.

I love her so much. Though there were times that I’m really annoyed by her nagging, I am still thankful that God gave her to me.

I will forever treasure you, Ana Villarin Dable! I love you!

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Something forwarded, read on:

Pinoy is what Filipinos call each other, a term of endearment. You’re Pinoy from Pilipino just like you’re tisoy from mestizo or chinoy from chino.

It’s a nickname just as Minoy is from Maximo, Ninoy from Benigno, Tinay from Florentina and Kikay from Francisca. But now they’re Maxi and Ben and Tintin and Cheska.

You’ve been called indio, goo-goo, Negro, flip, noypits. Or Filipino, a biscuit that is brown outside and white inside, or a word stricken from the dictionary which means domestic. Ay, lintik! read more

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Do your Share, Pinoy

What do we need to do?

We need to be consistent. We cannot ask GMA to leave if we keep doctoring our books and including BIR payoffs in our budgets. We cannot ask for people to stand up forr their beliefs if we scurry up to the mountains at the first sign of trouble. We have to be the very thing we ask of others. If we could do this consciously and diligently in our lives, it would be very difficult for us to say, “We don’t like Gloria, we’ve had enough of corruption but we’re not out in the streets because we don’t like the opposition more, and the rest of you please stop being such nuisances.” read more

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Paano Patayin ang Puso?

Igapos ng mahigpit
Huwag hayaang pumintig
Pigilin ang init
Nang hindi magdikit
Ang alab ng pagibig
Hindi dapat manaig
Puso’y dapat maumid
Bibig nito’y ipipinid.

Huwag hayaang makatakas
Bantayan ng madalas
Di dapat nakabukas
Sa ibang puso’y ikakalas
Panghihinaan ng lakas
Nang hindi na makayanan pang
Umibig ng walang kupas.

Tadtarin ng pinong pino….
Nang hindi na tumibok o pumintig
Upang hindi na matutong umibig
Upang hindi na masaktan at umiyak
Upang maging manhid sa pagliyag. read more

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