Pendulum Ruins

I’ve never been so greatly disturbed in my entire life until I learned to favor wayward inquiries about Man and the world with further intrepidity. Just like how everything really came into existence without taking into consideration the unanimous idea that there is a Supreme Being who ventured the creation of Mankind while giving them the freewill to make own decisions and actions to be able to test Man’s fidelity and faith in Him. Why, or should we really have to agree and get used to it out of fear of isolating oneself among the unfurling public conviction that originated basically from the Orthodox principles of old religious doctrines? How about the Evolution Theory that escalated the whole idea of Charles Darwin and the Cosmic Evolution starting from the explosion of matter some 15 to 18 million years ago? How about Miller’s Chemical Evolution and his theory of Spontaneous Generation? How do we justify the latter concepts that followed and generated like the Biological Evolution Theory with the rationalization of the intermediate links? read more

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