Protected: Happy Eighth!

Thought I’d share here what happened recently that will change my life forever. LOL.

We are officially engaged!

Karl asked me to marry him last night!

I was really surprised! We discussed we won’t have the usual engagement tradition since we’ve already started planning for our future even without the engagement. Hahaha! We’d often tell ourselves, kailangan pa ba? (is there a need to?)

Not that we don’t want it, who wouldn’t right? It’s just that we thought it was more practical to spend on things we’ll use in the future than on  symbols.

Eight Years

We celebrated our eighth anniversary yesterday with a hearty buffet at The Hyatt Cafe. This is the first time, yes that’s right, it’s the first time we celebrated our anniversary on the day itself together. In the past years, we’d only go on dates on the weekend if October 18th falls on a weekday – we both were not keen on taking a leave from work for the celebration. This year though, it’s different since we thought this is the last anniversary as katipans. Next year, on our anniversary, we’ll be husband and wife!

He popped the question at home, while we were preparing to go out and eat (again!). It was a little after eight in the evening when he called me out and he handed me a single stemmed red rose. It was odd because he never really gave me real flowers since 2010 – my first birthday as his girlfriend, he gave me a bouquet of roses, I thanked him but told him it’s better to splurge on food than flowers that’s gonna wilt. Hahahahaha! – He’d give me flowers in the form of food: like eighteen pieces of cupcake roses on our fourth anniversary, then a chocolate cake topped with roses frosting last year for my birthday.

So I asked if the rose was edible! Hahahahaha! I was checking the flower and thought it’s a great contrast to my yellow top so I thanked him and told him I’ll bring it with me outside so we can take a picture with it. Silly. Then he asked me to “open it”. I didn’t notice the flower was actually a ring box, so I checked for any opening and when I found it, tadaaaaaa!!! A pretty ring is inside!

I loved that there were no gimmicks and whatever embarrassing moments and all. It reflects so much about how we are as a couple. 🙂

Now on to REALLY planning and finalizing wedding-related stuff!

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Write Now

I haven’t been journaling for the longest time, it might be the reason why I can’t remember most of the days anymore. It has been my habit to write even the mundane things I did, it’s my way of preserving the days so that when I can’t remember, I just go back to my journal to read my daily entries. I would not be able to do that for May 16 through August 1. I haven’t written anything, not even bullets.

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I didn’t like opening doors before. It made me scared because I don’t know what to expect. When I was outside, I was so scared there might be monstrous creatures inside an unfamiliar door. When inside, I didn’t want to go out – thinking there might be bad people lurking and ready to kill and do inhumane things. I didn’t want to see the ugly. I only wanted to be comfortable and safe. read more

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Of the Earth

Traveling was a luxury when I was younger. We didn’t have the extra fund to go on vacations as a family, and my parents would rather spend on our school expenses than on any other, much less travels. Growing up, I only traveled by reading books and going to these beautiful and far away places without really having to go out of our house; and if it counts, I also traveled going to and from the school! 🙂 read more

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